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Larva Lure - Change it, lock it, catch it

I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th until I wrote that. But we fisher-people are not a superstitious mob are we?!? When the fishing is this good – all the way along – it just doesn’t matter what day it is! NSW: Port Stephens Post Interclub the fishing has been getting better and […]

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Fishlife Mag

With a huge thanks to Ben Knaggs for the report and the committee who are juggling timelines between events and that pesky cyclone that is heading down the West Coast (Olwyn, not to be confused with Cyclone Nathan who is about to do a U-turn over the top of Lizard Island). We hope that Olwyn, […]

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Gold Coast Blue Marlin And a couple of big fish encounters among the smaller fish. Glanville, on board his Ocean Instinct (and fresh back from a Cairns marlin season where he spent time on board Viking II with Capt. Bill Billson) encountered a fish that he put well over the 800lb mark yesterday. Encountered is […]

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With the successful release of the first blue marlin on the new boat on the weekend, David Granville took advantage of the very next opportunity to get out there again yesterday – this time off the Gold Coast. And this time he checked another box with a very enviable first solo blue marlin! I was […]

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South East Queensland David Granville kicked off the reports from what was by all accounts, a simply amazing weekend in SEQ.  David fished Noosa Canyons in his boat Cover Shot on Saturday for 3 blacks and a blue. It was the first blue marlin for the new boat and also a first for angler Kaspar […]

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