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Lake Macquarie Big Fish Bonanza

The club has made available the point score results from the annual Big Fish Bonanza on the weekend (and so if you speak ‘points’ they are here).  While the fishing was tough overall for the 31 boat fleet, there were some teams getting in on the action. T&R Winning Boat Rackem ‘Up (Newcastle PS) also accounted for Champion Angler and Most Points T&R Marlin for angler Brent Ballenden with Brent accounting for two marlin tags and the team also taking the Champion Boat >8m.

Thanks to Claire Jones who sent me this beautiful pic above of Matt Stone’s fish on Cazador.  Claire tells me that while they only got a few dolphin fish and not big enough to weigh, it made for a very tasty BBQ!

Sunshine Coast

I put feelers out yesterday to see if any heavy tackle blues had been caught off the Sunny Coast in the leadup to the Sunshine Coast Classic this weekend (which comprises of both light and heavy tackle divisions) and then two things happened. 1. The tournament has unfortunately been postponed due to weather. The new dates are 19-22 February. Mark those in your calendar.

And #2 John Dwyer sent me some pics from a blue on Ymer on the weekend.  John reports that Ymer went wide on Sunday for 2 dollies and a little blue marlin.  The skipper was Steven Brooks with Ben Stasiak was on the rod and Matt Withers and Mark Bird sharing tracing duties (and John on the camera! Always beautiful pics thanks John.)


Gold Coast

And the catch up reports from the Gold Coast don’t stop either. There were certainly many enjoying the action before the weather moved in. Jesse Hill tells me that they went 13-13-9 on some small and some not so small black marlin fishing on Dimitri’s Estate on the weekend and lost a few more on bait jigs and the like. This great action photo below was taken by Aaron Concord who was fishing near by on Mabuyu who I heard also released 3 from 3!


Fishlife Mag

12 from 15 black marlin on the Gold Coast.  A broadbill swordfish off Moreton.  5 from 7 black marlin off Sydney. It just gets better and better!

Glanville smashes it in the rough on Monday

Braving it in some unfriendly conditions yesterday that saw most stay home (in the trailer boat no less), Glanville’s Ocean Instinct certainly made it worth the effort.  On what Glanville called a pretty special day on the water, he ended up with 12 from 15 little black marlin in the 10-30kg range. Glanville reports another hot afternoon bite that included 3 double hook ups. They even managed to catch one on a bait jig after losing every bait jig they had on the boat to marlin. Eventually the weather chased them home.  Let’s hope they still there when the weather clears up!


Glanville said he’s really been enjoying catching the little guys but he’s just about ready to switch back to the blues. I hear there have been a couple on the Sunshine Coast (reports?) in the leadup to the Sunshine Coast Classic this weekend.

And speaking of trailer boats, though in quite substantially different conditions (and quite substantially different in size), Micheal Umback sent me a catch up report from the weekend fishing until 11am in his 4.3m Cross Country and going 4-3-3 on little blacks 25-40kg. Micheal says while they weren’t as bit as the week before, they were still a lot of fun in the little boat!


Moreton Broadbill Sword

For a more unusual catch, Roger Wills sent me a report from fishing overnight on Saturday with an estimated 50kg broadbill swordfish caught off Moreton Island on the shelf.  Great success for Roger on his first trip targeting them there!

And all the factors aligned. After a very sloppy run out in his 21″ Savage Marlin Reel Tease, upon arriving at their destination the weather let up for them and it was only 20 minutes into their first drift that they hooked up. While at first, not sure of the species, they had it to the boat in 10 minutes, and after another 10 minute run, were able to get a look at it and confirm it was what they were after!

While its not been a very targeted species over the past several years, there have been a few caught especially baby swords while snapper fishing and the like. But as Roger says that his next target will be a daytime sword, likely not the last!

Photo of Roger’s mate Terry Moore with sword once daylight broke. Congrats to you both!


More Sydney Black Marlin

And a report from Reggie Madden from the weekend off Sydney proving the Tainui can still catch them with a 7-5-5 black marlin and  1-1-1 striped marlin!


There was some more great black marlin fishing along the east coast from the Sunshine Coast through Sydney over the weekend. And thanks to Craig Kermond and Nick Vella we have the 2015 28th Shimano ~ Sylvania Marina Bill Heyward Memorial Tournament report.

Starting at the top on the Sunshine Coast:


Lachlan Tuckwell joined Capt. Russell Caporn on Kaizen yesterday with a few mates and enjoyed a great day on the water with great weather. They finished up the day with a 3-3-3 on blacks marlin with Brayden James, Zac Gibson and Jayden Grace all getting there 1st marlin each.

oceaninstinctMeanwhile the hot summer off the Gold Coast just gets better and better. Among the action again was Glanville Heydenrych on board his Ocean Instinct trailer boat. Glanville is taking advantage of the good fishing to give the 4kg black marlin record a go and while they didn’t get the right sized fish to the boat, they still managed an impressive 7 from 9 on all on 4kg tackle, fish ranging from 10-35kg range!  (And 2 dolphin fish for dinner!) A sensational effort!

He followed up again yesterday with 4 from 4 solo including a successful double hook up (solo!) and was still home by 11am! A pic of the runt of the fish released on Saturday which was previously tagged and pulled in close to get the tag number.

Also enjoying the Gold Coast hot bite yesterday afternoon, and with Murphy’s Law out of order fishing on board on Andrew Morleys boat Express, Mat Stehmann reports an epic day going 8 from about 12 on little blacks with all fish in the 10-30kg. John Stehmann accounted for 7 of the 8 with Mat only getting to wind in number 8 due to it being a double hook up. Mat also tells me that other boats in on the action included Loyal to the Game who finished up with 7 tagged, Addixtion with 4 (including a pending Small fry record on 8) and Gods Hands tagging 5.

Meanwhile all the way through Sydney the black marlin are outshining the striped versions which are usually starting to fire at this time of year (though Ben Bright, newly arrived at Port Stephens with Capt. Scotty Thorrington’s Freedom tells me the currents look promising over the next few weeks and that it should be all about to happen!)

Al McGlashan accounted for a rarer stripe for yankee Rach on her birthday (Happy Birthday Rach!) switched beautifully in close in 30-60 fathoms while many more enjoyed action on the blacks (photos at top.)

2015 28th Shimano ~ Sylvania Marina Bill Heyward Memorial Tournament – Tournament Report

Held over the Australia Day long weekend: A total of 166 anglers and 39 boats were met with great weather on both days, with warm 24 to 27 deg water. And a total of 15 marlin were tagged (6 blacks and 9 stripes) and 2 blue marlin captured along with 2 tiger sharks an a lot of 8 to 20kg mahi mahi.

The Bill Heyward trophy went to skipper Bill Heaton and crew onboard Take Time with 166.5kg blue marlin on 37kg late on the Sunday afternoon.

Read the rest of the report…


With a big thank you to Vince Lopardi for the report!

BBGAC – Blue Water Classic

Over the Australia Day long weekend the Bermagui Big Game Anglers Club (BBGAC)hosted another successful Blue Water Classic. Club President Paul Blacka was overwhelmed with the attendance and success of anglers overall and thanked the many sponsors for their support and contribution.

A total of 78 boats and 302 anglers competed in this year’s event with the weather conditions favourable for most of the 3 day tournament.

Competitors from 15 Clubs competed including teams from Bermagui, Exmouth, Perth, 8 clubs from Victoria and 5 clubs from the NSW South Coast.

Overall, a total of 82 striped and black marlin were tagged and released over the 3 days. Day 1 was described by many as marlin mania with 52 tags and probably just as many hooks ups lost – an outstanding effort! 6 mahi mahi were also tagged and released and only one capture of striped marlin weighing in at 96.6Kg by female angler Sharon Garbett on 10Kg line – another outstanding effort.

The Most Marlin Tagged by a boat over 7.1m went to Denis Lucardi and the crew on board Haddaraddit with 6 marlin and Most Marlin Tagged by a boat under 7.1 went to White Wash with 4 marlin.

Highest point scoring tag and release male angler went to Mark Trew on board Panlicker with 57500 points. Highest point scoring tag and release female angler went to Tegan Lucardi on board Harddaraddit with 46000 points. Highest point scoring tag and release junior angler went to Cooper Mills with 11500 points. Highest point scoring tag and release small fry went to Mathew Sandy with 11500 points.

Download the full T&R point score here.


I also heard from Nathan Brown’s Head Hunter who was one of the boats competing who tagged 5 from 6 on day 1 and losing number 6 due to unfortunately breaking a hook.  They added another on Day 3 to put them in 2nd in the number of marlin tagged on countback also with 6 tags.

Nathan also reports that there was a hot bite for boats fishing home on Monday and Tuesday (a bit of which we heard yesterday from Darren and Lee below).  Michael Hampson fished his way home in Jedi II to Merimbula on the last day of the comp caught one just inside the boundary before finishing up with a 15-9-5.

Read the rest of the report…

Exmouth continues to amaze

Word overnight from Eddie at Peak Sportfishing in WA that their bumper 2014/2015 season continues.  Yesterday they recorded what Eddie is calling a ‘super’ slam with 4 species of billfish in one day – a 3-3-2 blue marlin, 2-2-1 striped marlin (one of a double hookup), 1-1-1 Black Marlin and 2-2-2 Sailfish It’s amazing that you can catch all of those species in one day, in one place. Exmouth really is da bomb!

NSW South Coast

While Vince is working on a tournament report for me from Bermagui on the weekend (thanks Vince! And the Bill Heyward results are coming too!) there are still plenty of fishing being recorded all along the south coast.

backnupDarren Buttigieg fished Tathra on Tuesday on his mate’s boat Back n Up and told me that the bait was the thickest he has seen for a long time. While the water temp was only 21.5 (with a little bit of current pushing in from the east) there were plenty fish around and he managed to snag 6 stripies from 8 bites.

Darren said that all stripes were above average size. Yesterday he was out again and while the bait was conversely almost non-existent, he did manage to tag one fish that already had a tag in it (which had a lot of growth which would suggest it’s been in there for a while) we look forward to hearing where/when it was originally tagged when the details are available.

Lee Rayner was another enjoying the bite on Tuesday which Lee says stretches all the way from Eden up to Bermi. Lee said that many boats around him and Darren all ended up with good numbers for the day and he accounted for five on his boat with bait balls and pack attacks from mobs of stripies!

Some great shots from his boat Lee Roy below.

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The Sydney bite continues (haven’t heard much from Port?!) and Adam Polly sent me a report from his fishing off Sydney on Tuesday as well in the pouring rain and pretty lumpy conditions in 30 fathoms. Adam finished the day with 3 from 5 on black marlin in the 30 and 60 kg range. He took Took Tim Mumford out for his first day gamefishing got him 2 the second one was a result of a successful 2 up, double hookup!


Redcliffe Penninsula GSC Australia Day Billfish Tournament

Thank you to Mark Rose for the wonderful report!

20 boats comprising of 15 in the over 7m class and 5 in the under 7m, 85 male, 10 female and 3 junior anglers started fishing on Saturday in less than favourable conditions with heavy rain and wind hanging around until about midday, when the sun finally showed. Saturday turned about to be our most productive fishing day with 13 of the total 30 billfish being tagged.

While Sunday provided good weather, the fishing was a little less productive. And Monday was by far the best day as far as weather was concerned with little to no wind and sunshine a plenty, but again the fishing was hard.

(Read on for more as well as some great photos!)

Read the rest of the report…