In my fishing downtime, I build websites – particularly WordPress CMS (Content Management System) driven websites. I’ve been doing this outside of our fishing season for the last 10 years.  Aside from more than 50 fishing related sites I’ve built, I’m done numbers of small business site and of course, I built the Black Marlin Fishing Blog website (and do all the artwork and photography on the site as well).

Got a fishing site you need built?

We all know that fisherman love to tell stories and even more, fisherman love to read them (to read fishing reports). This blog is a perfect illustration of that! If you run a charter boat, you should be keeping your guests and future potential guests up-to-date with fishing reports and photos on your website as a matter of course.  And its not very hard to do!

I specialize in building websites that are cost-effective and use a web-browser based software to manage the content which allows you to easily update your website with fishing reports and photos from anywhere – even out at sea – and would love to be considered for your site. And if you don’t want the hassle of maintaining your site, I can do that too!

Social media connections and your Google presence sorted!

If you are interested in re-fitting your website, send me an email or give me a call on 0434 520 343. Or, you can find out more on my web design site,

Here’s a selection of fishing related or service industry websites that I (Kelly) have built recently – including both Game Fishing Club sites and Charter Boat websites as well as the Tackle Industry:

Not fishing? I do those too!

Of course, Kelly also does non-fishing websites from personal blogs to home business, to companies in the building and construction, distribution, printing and fire pump industries and everything in between.

A list of her recent sites are to the right.

If you have a web job in mind, contact Kelly to find out more.