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Cairns giant black marlin season feature documentary – On The Edge

A film bought to you from the Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association (CPGFA) to showcase our historical connection to the Great Barrier Reef together with those men and women who set out over 50 years ago to fish these waters. Over 50 years of Cairns marlin history.

Where we were and now where the CPGFA has evolved to. Conservation and Professionalism are forefront of the CPGFA and it’s code of conduct for all members which shows throughout the film.

Today, the CPGFA has over 40 member vessels representing the very best professional charter fishing operators in the world.
On The Edge gives you an insight to the day to day operation of the marlin charter fleet in Cairns and the majestic giant black marlin which draws anglers from all over the globe to Cairns, Australia each year. Magnificent vessels, spectacular reef and great big fish.

Season 2018 Recaps

Captain Steve Ahlers on Hellraiser shared this recap video of Cairns marlin season 2018.

This is one of several marlin season recap videos shared from Captain Luke Fallon’s KEKOA.

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