Booking a marlin charter

A guide to what to expect on a live aboard charter
A guide to what you can expect on a day trip.
What to expect on a mothershipping charter.
A guide to piece of mind when booking a charter overseas

BMB Resources

1. Visit the BMFB Boat Directory

Thinking of fishing this fabulous fishery? The Black Marlin Fishing Blog – Fishing Charters – Boat Directory is an alphabetical listing of the professional fleet who also contribute reports to this blog. If you have any interest in fishing with any one of the amazing boats, please use the links to visit each boat’s website directly.

Many of these boats provide fishing charters in Cairns during the heavy tackle marlin season. Many also work year-round in other busy fishing ports across the country. Please click below for a geographical listing per location or visit each boat’s website directly for more information about the various marlin charter options they offer.

Planning to book a fishing charter overseas? That’s fine too, we’ve got your guide to booking a charter overseas here.

2. Visit the BMFB Captain’s Directory

This page lists profiles of the very experienced captains who contribute reports to this blog and offer marlin charters across the country! Any one of these professional captains would love to welcome you on board for a marlin fishing or sport / gamefishing charter.

3. Read the BFMB Destinations Guide

The destinations guides are designed to give readers some background to fishing some of Australia’s top marlin fishing destinations.

If your locale or destination is not featured on this page, or, there is a particular destination that you’d like to see here, please email me with details.