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Submit a Fishing Report

If you have a fishing report to share, please send it along. You can text me (Kelly) on 0434 520 343, email me (info@) or fill in the form below. Please be sure include your name and your boat’s name. (You can also text photos to accompany your report.)

[We live in a low-phone service area in addition to often being out of phone range on the boat – so for this reason, I prefer not to take voice calls and voice-mails/messages are hard to retrieve. Emails and texts will come through when we get service so much easier. No need to send twice (especially large files that will block the server), I will get it when we get service – thank you for your attention!]

We welcome your fishing reports on the black marlin fishing blog whether you are an angler, boat skipper or crew or just an excited observer!

Submit a Tournament

Please send the details for your event for the tournament calendar including the dates, location and type of fishing as well as links to more information including the tournament brochure and entry form or your club’s website.

As much advance notice you can give about your tournament the better. Don’t have the full information now?  You can nominate the dates now with information to come in future when it is available.

And you’re going to send in a tournament report afterwards too right?

Interested in a Marlin Fishing Charter?

If you are thinking of fishing any of these fabulous fisheries, the BMFB Boat Directory page is an alphabetical listing of the professional fleet who also contribute reports to this blog. Please use the links to contact each boat directly via their websites.

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