Gamex 2015 – Exmouth, 14-21 March

5 reasons why YOU should fish GAMEX


  1. The teams competing in 2014 averaged more than 100 billfish tags a day! That’s right, you’re eyes are not deceiving you, that’s 100 billfish in a single day! The stats don’t lie. 2014, 6 days fishing, 1619 raised and 601 tagged!
  2. Never caught a billfish before?  Well this is a great place to start for all billfish newbies. Trial by fire! Every year, for about the last ten years around 20-30 people have tagged their first billfish at GAMEX. That’s 20-30 new billfish addicts created every year!
  3. Not into billfish? (Why?!?) Well that’s okay, there’s plenty more on offer.  Besides the 6 species of billfish (yes 6!) there are also over 30 species of gamefish on offer.  It’s the one place in Australia where you can target such a wide variety of species, all within such a short distance from shore.
  4. Social butterflies! It is non stop social interaction at GAMEX at our very own Exmouth GFC clubhouse.  The event incorporates a vast range of social activities, educational sessions, scientific studies and kids programs. As well as offering luncheons for partners during the week with celebrity chefs, and plenty more…
  5. What about the prizes? Well there are plenty, with 21 main sections, plus daily prizes and hourly prizes during the fishing times – the most sought after trophy being Champion Boat Tag and Release Marlin.  There are cash and various prizes, (always!) Craig Smith Marine Artworks as well as a boat auction. There are various auctions through the event also such as custom built rods, sports memorabilia and engraved reels.
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Why not make it a big billfishing holiday?

In 2014 the AIBT preceded GAMEX for 3 days.  In those 3 days, team also tagged around 100 billfish each day. So, the committee decided to have another 3 day event prior to GAMEX.

Hence, the Marlin Blast.

The Marlin Blast is a 3 day tag and release only billfish event (as opposed to GAMEX that also features a range of capture sections as well as other gamefish species)

Why not make it a big billfish holiday and stay for both events?

Want to know more?

What is the history of GAMEX?

Gamex has been running for 36years.  It was once a big boat tournament with big boats coming up from Perth. Now that the roads and trailers are far better, it is more mixed with many trailer boats entered. The close proximity of the grounds makes it great for small craft to fish.  The location (central to WA coast) means it gets boats from north and south, teams from inland, north, south and east. Plus we nearly always have international entrants.

I’m a single angler coming from afar, can I be a part?

Absolutely! Anglers interested in joining teams are encouraged to leave a comment on the website and we’ll try and match you up. (The website is undergoing a revamp soon so please keep that in mind! More on this soon!)

What are the accommodation options?

They vary from swagging (millions of stars) to almost 5star at the Novotel Ningaloo Resort, which is located right next to the clubhouse and marina.  You can rent a holiday house, stay in a resort, stay on your boat or tent!

How do I get there?

Qantas if you’re flying. By car (and trailer-ing a boat – see above) it is about 1200km from Perth. By ocean is another option and marina berths and moorings available by prior arrangement.

More information will be available here soon or on the club’s website – so stay tuned!

See you there!