Juvenile Black Marlin – Healthy Marlin Release Tips

Marlin Release Tips:

black marlin
Every year, Australia experiences a run of juvenile black marlin down the east coast.

The migration starts in the cooler months in FNQ, and by the New Year each year, the fish have moved south to the Queensland/NSW border. As the summer runs its course, they will make it all the way to Sydney.

As these are juvenile fish, it’s very important to take care of them as much as possible to ensure their long-term survival.

“The equation is pretty simple, if there are no little marlin, there will be no big marlin!”

Top 7 Marlin Release Tips

  1. Leave them in the water. Taking the fish out of the water is an unnecessary stressor.
  2. Cut off your leader as close to the fish as possible – trying to remove a circle hook from a healthy marlin can sometimes do more harm than good.
  3. Use a plug to limit the length of your tag applicator.
  4. Be very careful with tag placement.
  5. Use circle hooks – the original full circle circle-hooks rather than the chemically sharpened fine gauge versions which are no different to a j-hook.
  6. Use appropriate line class and drag. The longer you fight the more exhausted the fish will be at the time of release.
  7. Swim tired fish by holding the base of their bill just below the surface of the water. Move your boat forward slowly (just in gear) to push the water through their gills.