Free Black Marlin Blog Desktop Wallpaper

Marlin desktop wallpaper – perfect for those who are dreaming about marlin fishing all day, every day, like me!

How to use: Simply click on the link to open the file of the desktop wallpaper version of your choice and from your browser file menu, save it to your computer. Once the image is on your computer, right click and select “Set as wallpaper” (for PC users) or select “Set Desktop Picture” (for Mac users).

The marlin desktop wallpaper is free for and personal use only. You may not re-distribute or use the wallpaper or the image it contains commercially.

Al marlin images and design is done by me (Kelly).


Click on the links to download:

Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2
Wallpaper 3
Wallpaper 4
Wallpaper 5
Wallpaper 6
Wallpaper 7
Wallpaper 8
Wallpaper 9
Wallpaper 10
Wallpaper 11
Wallpaper 12
Wallpaper 13
Wallpaper 14
Wallpaper 15