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31 Oct 1969 – 50lb World Record

Angler Edward Seay
Fish Black Marlin
Weight 1124
Tackle 50lb
Boat Lucky Strike
Date 31 October 1969

New Zealand farmer Edward Seay added a new world record in the 50lb class with a 1124lb black marlin in only 30 minutes on Lucky Strike with Capt. Snooks Fuller on October 31, 1969.

This is a very significant fish and the record still stands.

A remarkable effort and a record that still stands today (2023). It was a remarkable effort in a small boat, Lucky Strike which was almost swamped bringing the fish in.

It was to be the 10th grander black marlin weighed off Cairns.

Eddie’s wife Colleen had her own success the following year catching two records in one day. The second 1028lbs on 80lb tackle took her 7 hours to land.

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