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Historical Videos

Historical Videos from the Cairns giant black marlin fishery.

Pat Gay, who was inducted into the Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association’s Hall of Fame in 2016, set the first ever 30lb line class black marlin record with his 816lb black marlin on September 19, 1971.

Video has no sound.

Join Stewart Faichney in the classic ABC adventure series ‘Breakaway.’ People come from all over the world to chase the elusive black marlin off the coast of Cairns, Northern Queensland. Stewart meets an American food millionaire on a trek of the fishing grounds, and begins to understand what it is about a marlin encounter that brings someone halfway across the world. First aired in August 1978.

1973 was considered the best year year! There were two black marlin over 1400lbs weighed including the new Australian Record of 1442lbs caught by Mick Magrath from Cairns on Restless II. Garrick Agnew (Perth) also weighed a fish at 1417lbs just a few weeks earlier in October.

Pat Gay, with a ‘lost fish’. Historical footage from the Cairns giant black marlin season. Cairns Game Fishing Hall of Fame 2016.