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Lizard Island

Located at the northern end of the famous Ribbon Reefs (inside the top of Number 10 Ribbon), Lizard Island is synonymous with the Cairns giant black marlin fishery. In the early days, “the Rock” as we like to call it, was home base for the marlin fleet with the Island offering meals and laundry service for crews at the marlin bar as well hosting guests in its luxurious accommodations – remember these were the days before the boats became live-aboard capable.
These days the Rock remains a popular destination with the fleet and visiting anglers alike. Not in the least because of it providing a calm water anchorage in those blustering south-easterlies but also because of its history. While the resort is private to the exclusive use of guests these days, the Marlin Bar does open to the public several times weekly and is worth a visit to view the grander mounts hanging from its walls and to experience that sense of where it all began!

Lizard Island In Depth

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The Lizard Island Experience
The Lizard Island Experience

Secluded white sandy beaches, coral gardens alongside luxurious private accommodations … all within a 30 minute run to the best giant black marlin fishing grounds in the world. It is the thrill of the chance of the battle combined with the pleasure of this pristine and spectacular destination that makes Lizard Island a must visit for a big game fishing enthusiast. And it is a particularly good option for anglers traveling with non-fishing partners or family who wish to relax and enjoy the island lifestyle.


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