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Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season Recap Reports

2018 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
2018 was a standout year for the anglers and crew who made it to the reef and were treated to some spectacular fishing. 
2017 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
Cairns is known for giant black marlin, and season 2017 has certainly again shown why it is the big black marlin capital of the world.
2015 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology officially declared the country in the effects of the El Nino in May 2015 (the first full El Nino since 2009/10). How that affected the fishing on the reef was very evident in October.
2014 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
The extraordinarily good season for giant black marlin off Cairns last year produced a world record and some of the best fishing both in terms of size and numbers of fish, ever experienced.
2013 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
While the reef is recognized as the best giant black marlin fishing grounds in the world, few could comprehend just how true this would be during a particular period of hot fishing that started in the final week of October this year.
2012 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
While 2012 won’t go down in records as anything spectacular in terms of the final numbers caught, it ensures that Cairns holds onto its title as the home of the GIANT black marlin.
2011 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
The 2011 Cairns Giant Black Marlin season is over for anther year and by all accounts, it has been one of the best seasons in several years.
2010 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
2010 saw a few new additions to the Cairns charter fleet. Although the numbers of small fish haven’t been as high as recent years, there have been good numbers of good quality big fish around instead.
2009 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
2009 has been the season of contradictions. While the fishing has been better than the last two years, bookings are down. But some of the opulence of the 1980’s has resurfaced.
2008 Cairns Marlin Season Recap
After another very successful NQ light tackle season, hopes were high for a repeat for the heavy tackle season. And it started off with a bang. How did it end?

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