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Women’s 998lb black marlin on 20lb WR

Angler Kay Mulholland
Fish Black Marlin
Weight 998lbs
Tackle 20lb
Boat Kirsten
Date 23 Oct 1982

Kay Mulholland’s 20lb world record black marlin weighing in at 998lbs is another amazing big fish record that stands the test of time. The record was 7 years in the making for Kay and this record still stands today (2023).

Interestingly Kay also held the 50lb word record (874lb black marlin caught in 1976) for almost 40 years before the record was beaten by Stephanie Osgood Choate in 2014.

She also held the 30lb (15kg) world record from 1981 until 1983 with this 574lb black marlin.

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