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1389lb black – 3rd largest off Cairns

Angler Jason Caughlan
Fish Black Marlin
Weight 1389lbs
Tackle 130
Boat Manukai
Date 8 Nov 2001

Jason Couglan’s 1389lb black marlin with Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham on board Manukai which was the third largest fish weighed in Cairns ever.

Captain Craig 'Sparra' Denham on 'Manukai' weighed a whopping 1,388 lb giant black marlin that an angler on board caught at Number 5 Ribbon Reef.
Captain Craig 'Sparra' Denham on 'Manukai' with a 1389lb black. L-R Sparra, Trent Visscher, Teddy Hoogs, Jason Coughlan, Corey Hard.
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