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Interesting Tidbits


Managing a quick conversation with Dr. Julian Pepperall in Cooktown, Capt. Jim has learned that two blue marlin tagged by Reel Chase on the Gold Coast on April 29 this year (both by superman Angler Mark Griffith) have revealed some interesting information. One popped off on 19 June with the fish having travelled an impressive 326 kilometres north east in 51 days. The second popped off earlier on 23 May, after travelling a staggering 549 kilometres north east in just 24 days. Scientists are still analyzing the information they got back from them.

Speaking of Dr. Julian, Kekoa finished their 7 day charter with two tagged on number 7. Kekoa was fishing this week with Sir Reel off mothership The Boss with a team that included Dr. Julian and Guy Harvey and photographer Bill Boyce (who were filming for the new “Portraits of the Deep” series), as well as recently hall of fame inducted Dennis “Brazzaka” Wallace. They also managed to tag a couple of good sized blacks with Satellite tags during the week. Kekoa’s back out today with our regular blog commenter Brendan on board – good luck to you!

No marlin fishing to report yesterday for Reel Chase who arrived in Cooktown mid afternoon after a morning spent bottom fishing on the reef with some happy anglers on board. After stocking up overnight, they are heading back out today – mothershipping this week. Without a photographer on board for the next few days, I fear for photos for you, but hopefully one of the anglers will get some shots off for us (Kirsty is back on board Kanahoee for a couple of weeks with Capt. Dave. Meanwhile I’ll be up there and resuming cooking duties from Saturday for the duration of the Lizard Island tournament and then some. I promise lots of pictures and results – like last year, let me know who you want to know about and I’ll report it for you.)

Lastly, the award from the GFAA. Thanks Wild Turkey for the good wishes – I hadn’t heard about this but Capt. Jim confirmed for me that Reel Chase did indeed win the The Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA) award for the most marlin tagged by a boat in Australian Waters for 05/06 year and was presented the trophy during the Cairns 40th Anniversary Tournament. This is the second time for Reel Chase to win this award. Great result for the team and congrats and thanks to all the anglers who made it happen!

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