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Cairns Black Marlin Day 2


No luck on board Reel Chase with another slow day at the top.

Picture of of Simon’s fish today about to spit the bait.

Three bites but no tags. It’s a pity because this one’s a beauty and the picture is too.

The team are at Ruby Reef with Wild Turkey and New Moon tonight.

Kekoa is at #3 and unlucky too today losing one about 500lb on the leader but that was it.

Capt. Jim believes another 24 fish were tagged today with Diamond Girl on top with three for day two. He says that a lot of boats are now up in the Ribbon Reefs so here’s hoping for good weather on Friday so they can all get back to Cairns.

I hope the weather calms down too, it’s been wild and windy even here but it let up this afternoon.

Fingers crossed for you all!

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