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Cairns 40th Anniversary Tournament


100 fish caught for the four days of the tournament. Mauna Kea won with 9 black marlin tagged from Viking IIwith 7 tagged. Jo Jo caught the 100th (and final) fish for the tournament about an hour before cease fishing on the final day – a nice sized black estimated at about 850lbs.

The presentation was a gala event with over 700 people attending and several game fishing identities inducted into the hall of fame including the late George Bransford (accepted by his daughter), Jack Erskine, Peter Gouby, Johno Johnson and Dennis ‘Brazzaka’ Wallace. Lots of quality footage both old and new was shown including a good segment of hat cam from last season on Reel Chase from Notso.

Reel Chase is back out today and heading up to the Ribbons. The wind is still up quite a bit so heres hoping they get a break some time soon.

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