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Another day, another fish


Mark (Griffo) caught this one about 200lb at Anderson Reef. It was definitely lot slower yesterday with only a few bites for the day. Kekoa caught 1 from 2 at Ribbon Reef #5 with Sir Reel also at #5 having a slightly better day.

All reports from the top indicate less fish as the tides start to build and the dirty water starts to influence the openings and reef front. Escape and Opal seem to be doing better with Bob Jones reporting big numbers of small fish at South Escape and Noel Jones on the private boat Kajiki (ex Kanahoee) catching 2 from 5 at Opal.

A lot of boats went into Cooktown last night for their changeovers so the party atmosphere should be in full swing.

First photo is Brad releasing Mark’s fish.
2nd is talented angler Alex, 12, about to get serious on his quest for the 80lb junior record.
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