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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 1 Results


Day 1 results as per the end-of-day sked. As of cease fishing, at least two boats were still fighting so I do not have their results for the day (Castille and Hell Raiser – I believe Hell Raiser’s fish may have been sharked). A couple of others missed the sked altogether but this is what I have and will add to it this morning with any re-cap.

Leading boat = Billfish with 4 from Joe-Joe with 3.

Several boats with two tagged for the day including Adrenaline, Allure, Don’t Ask Me, Iona, Shaka, Tenacious and Top Shot. And another group of boats with one tagged including Bill Collector, Bite Me, Calypso, Diamond Girl, Kanahooe, Mistress and Whirlpool. I’m not quite sure where Castille and Hell Raiser fit in there but will endeavor to find out. From those results you can see that not quite half the fleet have fish on day one, which started rather wild weather wise but calmed down to 15 knots later in the day. Unfortunately the wind is expected up again this afternoon.

As you can see, Reel Chase was not amongst the action of Day 1 but we’ll be chasing the big one again today. Apologies to any boats I missed. (I don’t have any fish tagged for Misbehavin – will follow up to check today.)

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