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The Fish Gets Moose


Reel Chase spent most of the day back on Number 10 despite the long run to Cooktown for the end of the charter and although Capt. Jim was marking heaps of fish on the sonar – no bite. The team watched Calypsocatch a big one next to them and Hayden on Don’t Ask Me also battled the monster on 20lb for 2 hours, unfortunately not successfully in the end.

Capt. Jim moved down to #9 for the last hour and low and behold marked two fish, one of which rose to the bait and Moose was finally on!

At first they were not sure how big the fish was as Moose wanted to boat any over 1100lb but they quickly realized it was right up there (see photo) when it rocketed out of the water on the leader. But fortunately we didn’t have to make any tough decisions as the hook pulled on the jump after the gaffs came out. Oh well, there’s always next year for a take home for Moose.

Kekoa on Number 10 caught two for the day and to steal a joke from Capt. Luke, two 500lb-ers equals a grander right?! Reports from futher South indicate good bites at #5 and Linden bank. Diamond Girl was to weigh a fish last night.

The most amazing thing about the last few days is all the veteran skippers are all talking about the numbers of extra large fish this year. It seems that the 1000lb mark is an average bite in the last week.

Reel Chase starts a new charter today and will leave our options open by starting the day on Number 7 Ribbon.

The other photo is to show how good the weather can be!!!!! (Finally!)

Lastly – I’d like to offer big congratulations to Capt. Jim and Annie D celebrating 35 years of marriage today!!! Big congrats!! And sore heads this morning perhaps?

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