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Port Day 3 – Flat Calm Glamour Day


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David’s Black Marlin, Ken & Shane’s Striped Marlins and Jim’s Dolphin fish. Days don’t get much flatter than this! If we were in NQ, the fishing grounds could have been mistaken for a lake. As it is down here, the swell, though decreasing everyday this week still keeps us on a gentle roll.We started the day once again with some early bites tagging and releasing a reasonable-sized Black Marlin before another colourful Striped Marlin soon after. Sam and the Victorian trailer boat boys (and girls) were once again in the thick of the action catching three in short succession along side. The later the day, the bait spread out once again and the action slowed with just enough to keep us all interested. We released another Stripey just before lunch which also saw another quick bite from a hungry black who succeeded in eating all our baits before swimming away unscathed with a full belly.After Capt. Jim picked up to troll away and look a little further afield, another beautiful sized Dolphin Fish ate the bait and gave us a wild display at the back of the boat. A Whaler Shark kept us amused in the afternoon swimming at the back of the boat before downing our live bait and giving us an energetic fight.Not too many reports from other boats except Freedom and Tsunami both on two and Billfisher on two as well. Sam ended the day with 5 on what couldn’t have been a better day weather-wise for the trailer boats.

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