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Interclub Finale


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Sunday dawned one of those where it would have been better for most of the fleet to have stayed in bed. We punched out early at 6am into a stiff 20 knot Northerly to find only worse to come (weather-wise) and unfortunately the fishing had gone the same way. We suffered the bad conditions without a single strike for the day – a fate we shared with most of the fleet. Luckily Born Free added another Striped Marlin to their collection allowing them to pull away from Di Da Ke and win the Champion Boat trophy for the tag and release section with 9 Marlin for the tournament. Our highlights of the day included Calypso Tim, skipper of Born Free this weekend, introducing a ‘No Sh!thead’ (Dolphin Fish) rule when a number of boats looked like finishing on 8 Marlin tagged and seeing the magnificent 68 ft Hatteras, Hatterascal, tagging a very respectable Black Marlin for well-known lady angler Vanessa next door to us.As per normal, Monday has dawned rainy and grey and so another good day for us to be in Port to re-stock. Hopefully the weather eases for us when we are back out tomorrow and some of the large number of small Black Marlin coming down arrive on the inshore grounds soon.In Satellite tagging news: The est. 22kg Black Marlin tagged by Reel Chase in the last week of August popped its tagged on December 17th between Mackay and Rockhampton showing that the small fish obviously enjoyed his stay at Cape Bowling Green enough to stay in the area for some time. More information as it becomes available.

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