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Days 1, 2, 3


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First of all, I hear that some of you are having trouble with the video but some are not. Go figure! But anyway, I have uploaded to YouTube so you all should be able get it to play now. You can see it here . As for the fishing on the weekend – If nothing else the weather was as good as it gets. So far the ‘hunt’ remains ongoing. A solid bite on Saturday resulted in short but exciting fight before the fish broke the light line. Sunday, more bites but not so hungry fish. And Monday, not so much at all. The Mooloolaba GFC Tournament on the weekend had the radio crackling from early with hook-ups galore, all North of Cape Morton so we headed in that general direction though not making it that far on Saturday. Fishing alongside Tradition, we found the much talked about whale carcass mid afternoon. Again, some frisky dolphin fish on the light line gave us some entertainment for a while (and just the one Box Head at that stage although we hear the Whites turned up the next day as it drifted closer to shore.) Almost time to call it a day and Tradition found a late bite releasing a Stripey and a Blue just north of our position before joining us behind Moreton Island for the night. On Sunday we joined some of the tournament fleet off the Cape where they had a good number of bites the day before. It started well switching two fish on the 6lb early but failed to hook either. And then it went a bit quiet. Some boats still managed a number of fish for the day, including Soulmate who we believe finished the day with four. We found another late bite courtesy of joining Smithy and crew on Ymer a little wider out, but again, no hookup. Congrats to all the boat who fished in the tournament, it sounds like you had a whale of a time (hee hee).On Monday, Capt. Luke turned around and headed back the way he came, to follow up on his initial plans to head just south of the border. Fishing all the way down the coast today, they should be fishing from the Tweed south to Ballina tomorrow and are looking forward to finding them again. Reports from the boats out off the coast here on Monday were that there are some around, so we’re hoping to find the main pack. Commiserations to Capt. Tim on Calypso after a mammoth 6 hour battle with an estimated 800lb+ Blue on 80lb off Pt. Stephens Sunday ended in heartache. The bite continues down that way as well so we never know where the boys will end up. Capt. Jim is out again later in the week so we’re looking forward to another update from Reel Chase as well.

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