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21st Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Tournament Report (2007)


Anglers from all over the word have once again arrived for the best black marlin heavy tackle fishing competition in the world.

This year 42 boats ranging from 18′ to 95′ boats have entered with over 120 anglers from every State in Australia and from New Zealand, Russia, USA, South Africa and The Maldives. The vessel Ultimate lady once again traveling from our Kiwi neighbors for the event.

The Briefing dinner was a great success thanks to the Management and Stafi of Voyages Lizard Island Lodge, led by the very capable and newly appointed General Manager, Frederick Maclean.
Over 230 people attended the briefing dinner and the Calcutta Pool for the winning boat will be $25,700.00. 10% of this will be donated to charity and or R & D.

A spectacular Sailpast of the entered boats took place before start fishing on Day 1 and was filmed by our documentary production team from their helicopter. The film crew will be filming all week and have come up with what we think is a first in the World, a Black Marlin fight filmed from the air!

The following are FINAL Results of the 21st Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic at the end of Day 7:
For the tournament there has been:
361 strikes;
273 hook-ups;
for 140 Black Marlin tagged; 5 Self Disqualified

Champion team on “Kanahoee” with 9 tags were Ralph Jnr Czabayski 5 tags and Greg Gilbert 4 tags.
Runner-up team on “Maritimo” with 8 tags were Derek Gerritsen 4 tags and Rohan Cross 4 tags.
Champion boat is “Kanahoee” with 9 tags and Runner-up Boat “Maritimo” with 8 tags Champion Male Angler Brent Moorehouse 8 tags, on “Vicking II”
Champion Female angler Suzy Clark 3 tags, on “Fascination II”

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