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Blue Marlin Trip


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Capt. Luke found some nice weather this week and ventured to the shelf off the Gold Coast for some Blue Marlin fishing action. Reports on the Coast from the weekend to early in the week were promising. Local boats Mistress and Pacemaker had some success with 4 fish from over 10 bites between them on the Sunday/Public Holiday Monday. Mistress also lost a fish estimated at over 800lbs.Steve and son Damien, back for a Blue Marlin after notching up a Black on their trip last year, certainly picked the day for good weather. A nice bull Dolphin Fish took care of dinner early and shortly after raising a small Blue that didn’t bite, Capt. Luke worked the area to produce another bite from a 300lb-er. The energetic fish was successfully released after some standard Blue Marlin antics – jumping all over the ocean and peeling off a heap of line!We have just one week now before our departure for Port Stephens and the fishing is still looking really good down there. Capt. Darren back at the helm of his own Di Da Ke got himself a Grand Slam with a difference over the weekend – a Black Marlin, a Striped Marlin and a 100mm teeny weeny Broadbill. (Dr. Julian is investigating but at this stage believes that is what it is). One of the crew spotted what looked like a tiny billfish swimming at the back of the boat so they netted it ;-) That comes after a successful day on the water for the Diversion family who on Friday captured a potential Austrlian Mens Record for James with an approx 84kg Striped Marlin. Congrats James!

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