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Interclub Results


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Sunday fishing was by all reports – red hot. Provided you were in the right spot. It’s a pity I don’t have any photos for you because we weren’t there. Kekoa returned to the Car Park where they had spotted the bait balls earlier in the week and found themselves in the middle of the action. A double header straight up (two Stripeys) was followed by consistent bites throughout the day. Angler Pete O’Brien (formerly Australia’s biggest boat builder but now 30kgs lighter) finished the day with a Marlin Grand Slam (Blue, Black and Stripe) as the team came home with 6 tags for the day and 7 for the tournament.Other boats in the thick of it Capt Brett on the newly appointed Assegai Gorilla (also finishing the tournament on 7 tags), Capt Tim on Born Free (tagging 5), Perry and Vanessa on Mauna Kea (tagging 3 for the day – also a Grand Slam – and hooking up again mere seconds after cease fishing), Tomo, Chris and the boys on Mojo, Capt Trent on Iona and Capt Graham on Cabo 1 stuck to his game plan releasing two Blues.The results (I believe but correct me if I’m wrong – I heard a few trophies needed to be reassigned):NSW Champion Club – Newcastle Port Stephens, NSW Champion Capture Boat – Rampage from Offshore, NSW Champion Tag & Release Boat – Gorilla. Champion Visiting Boat Tag & Release being Kekoa who also took home the Champion and Runner Up Angler (Peter and Leigh) for the Visiting Boats as well. Good showing for the Townsville GFC!Did anyone hear how big the Mako Shark was that was weighed on 6kg and how big the biggest Marlin was?

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