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Fishing Fun and Mishaps at NSW Interclub


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Ossie Collins sent me these pics and a story of folly at a NSW Interclub. Angler Shaun hooks up a marlin and on deck, Clinton leans over to tag the fish…and misses. And drops the pole in the sea. The skipper utters some choice words at him prompting him to dive in to retrieve it. Shaun drops back the drag on the fish so it clears the back of the boat and the (now) swimmer in the water. While Clinton swims out and back, the marlin zig zags underneath (can only imagine what the marlin is thinking now). Tag pole is saved, and back in the boat and the second shot is successful and the fish is released.Ossie explains this is now why he always keeps more than one tag pole on board! Reminds me of a day last year when a decky, who shall remain nameless (okay, it was Brad ;-), gaffed a mackerel to bring it into the boat but left the gaff in fish in the water instead. We had to wind the fish, still brandishing gaff from shoulder back into arms reach to get it into the boat with a second gaff. Hee hee. Love these stories. Feel free to share!

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