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Pending World Record


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Pending World Record for Gary Carter, a 357lb Atlantic Blue on 6lb line on June 4 in LaGomera, Canary Islands. Capt. Luke received the good news from Gary this morning. Gary is, and is renowned as one of the most skilled light tackle anglers in the world. He puts in more sea time than I can ever dream about. With his home base in Costa Rica, he fishes regularly on his own boat, a 45″ G&S Silver-Rod-O, and he’s also fished in locations all over the world. I was one board with Gary and Capt. Luke when he chased the Pacific version of the same record here last year, putting in a few nice long fights on the trip. Gary has fished with Luke for over 3 years. Last time we had him on board was the day of 9 hours on a 900+ lb-er off Lena Reef on 16lb late last year.Big congratulations to Gary and team from all of us on another amazing feat.

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