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And with the Whales came Cobia


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Saturday’s weather was not looking too favourable, and being a little late in the season for a guaranteed marlin bite, Capt. Luke decided to hunt down the cobia instead. With the influx of whales along the the Gold Coast in particular, in the last two weeks, the cobia were sure to be hot on their heels. And they were. Russell Gage (‘Gagey’) who runs the 58″ Viking, Too Easy, brought along his special black book of spots and number 584 worked a real treat.Capt Luke said the whales were as thick as he’s ever seen them – must be no wonder the new Sea World whale watching venture seems to be going very well! It wasn’t long after putting down the first live baits that they were on and it continued that way for the rest of the day with the boys from Volvo going home with a few eskies of fish between them. The fish ranged from 40-80lbs and the boys took home enough for a feed, releasing the rest.

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