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Fleet Updates


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Ultimate Lady:
Captain Tom sends an update from Vanuatu and reports some reasonable fishing of late. A local charter boat tagged an estimated 750lb blue and most boats have been getting a couple of bites each day. On trips earlier this week, the Ultimate Lady team caught a good mixed bag of wahoo, yellow fin and dolphin fish as well as spear fish and a 400lb blue marlin. The next day, they raised two other blues before the baits were attacked by a pack of sails, releasing two, before jumping off another blue.

Seems the fishing is so good that we won’t see them on the GBR this year until late October. Looking forward to seeing the big blue boat appear on the horizon.

Viking II:
Captain Bill reports they are doing a spot of bait fishing off Cairns that the fish have arrived! Running a laser pro out the back for mackerel the team released a 450-500lb-er Captain Bill spotted tailing down sea. Good to see this early in the season!

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