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Heading North Again


This post was imported into WordPress from my old Black Marlin Fishing Blog website without any accompanying photos. If you’d like to see the original post, with the accompanying photographs, go to the original Black Marlin Fishing Blog site and navigate to the post using the archive navigation links on the right-hand-side.

On board Reel Chase we are bait fishing our way to Cairns via some of the outlying reefs. Word on the radio is that some solid fish have been sighted again today at Linden Bank so we can’t wait to get there. But you don’t need to be at the bank to be getting the marlin bites. We went one from two on the bait jig. This frisky 200lb-er giving greenhorn deckie Ashley a work out and giving us some good footage to play with on the underwater camera set up. In the first picture (not terribly clear sorry as are video stills) – you can see the marlin regurgitate a previously eaten scad just before it rocketed out of the water for a series of jumps. And later, just coasting along down sea seemingly without a care and unaffected by the drag.Tradition is also making their way north via the Swains Reef, heading next from where we came, Cape Bowling Green and released a nice 450lb blue on the way up. In other news, some of the fleet are currently fishing the Innisfail Bilfish Comp which ends Monday. Fishing has been a little slow, but Mauna Kea has been making some headway with the first fish tagged for both Day 1 and Day 2.

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