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Linden Bank


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We thought that things had been pretty quiet, but as it turns out, in Cairns we just weren’t hearing anything. So after a quiet day at Jenny Louise on Tuesday, with just a good sized dolphin fish (photo bottom) and a tuna for sushi on the trip home to show for it, yesterday we instead ventured out to Linden Bank – where we found some of the fleet who had been hiding out and finding some fish. Iona II released three fish in three days to 500 including a rare Japanese black marlin (comes equipped with its very own set of chopsticks instead of a bill – photos above) at 350lbs. They also missed a double header of bigger fish 600 and 800lb. Castille also caught a small one and missed an 800lb-er. Tradition lost one at the back of the boat. And we had a sneaky one eat the tuna feather on the shotgun before we’d even had a chance to put the baits in the water. After a very good angling effort by Pierlite rep Ian on the bait rod, we tagged the feisty 250lb-er to open our 2008 heavy tackle season scorecard. And congratulations to 11 year old Jac who caught his very first marlin out at Linden Bank last week on the first day of a three day trip! (Picture – Jac dwarfed by the chair)

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