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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 1


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It was with much anticipation that the 22nd annual Lizard Island Tournament kicked off with the usual sailpast around Watsons Bay followed by the obligatory shotgun start. The high price of the diesel has kicked in however, with only a couple of the 40knot plus boats racing towards Banks Bank. The majority chose to through the lazer pro’s in and bait fish their way to the reef in readiness for start fishing at 11 o’clock. This was followed by the waiting waiting waiting scenario we are all so familiar with. The first tag came through at 12:20 for Capt. Brian Felton on board the brand new Riviera Heart Throb and it was worth the wait at an impressive 900lb. So big, she broke the chair and sent the team back to the rock for quick repairs before re-joining the fleet in the afternoon. Not too much later, Too Easy also fishing at Hicks Reef radioed in tag number 2. And that’s how it progressed for the rest of the day. Two tags per sked. On sked two, Reel Chase tagged early followed by Hot Shot both on Number 10. On sked three, Mai Tai and Joe Joe on Hicks and Number 10 respectively. Despite a flurry of late bites, no more tags were added for the day. 6 tags for Day 1. Good enough to eat, and it was, and Craig’s first fish of the tourn on Reel Chase. With the weather much nicer this morning and the fleet spreading out along the reef, we’re hoping for a burst of early tags on Day 2.——Outside the tournament, news was sketchy. Ningaloo fishing the bottom end for two fish, one at Lena and one at Number 2.

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