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Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic Day 3


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With the first marlin for Day 3 of the competition not tagged until almost half past two, we all thought it was to be an extremely slow day. As it was, it ended up the best of the comp so far. Not spectacular, but giving us hope that with the better tides still to come, the fishing will pick up significantly as well.First fish belonged to the team on board Battler, closely followed by Tradition and Spartacus. More fish on the final sked bringing the total for day three to 11 fish including an estimated “Grander plus” on board Viking which took almost an hour to get the tag in. The first member of the 1000lb tag and release club for 2008.The standings at the top have not changed since Day two however Reel Ripe will take home the daily prize with two tags on Day 3.Outside the comp, some boats are having a little more luck. On board Shaka, Donald Nuckle’s second trip to the reef paid off with his first fish – a real performer taken with a live bait tuna between Day and Hicks – with the circle hook set from the outside in (photo top left). Down at Lena, Capt. Laurie on Ningaloo, continues to get one a day from a couple of bites.An interesting follow up: Word today from Capt. Luke on KEKOA that the DNA test results are in and the baby marlin they found in 2007 in the belly of the scad has been positively identified as a blue marlin (picture top right). In other entertainment for the day, our livey was harassed by a 300lb hammerhead over a couple of hours until he sneaky silent attack finally had divadends and Mick was on for a short fight before he bit through the leader. With great speed he would cruise down the waves once he’d caught the scent again.

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