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The Marks


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Capt. Luke has saved us from reporting oblivion again with another good day at the Marks on Number 10 Ribbon Reef. After jumping off a smaller fish early, the tide turned again for boat builder Pete O’Brien as he hooked up on a nice estimated 800lb-er (photos) mid-afternoon. She gave a great jumping display for all on board before being released. And later, team KEKOA released another smaller fish as well ending with two from three for the day. Capt. Dean on Castille also reported missing a big one up that way. And, up the very top, Sparticus also released a smaller fish on Hicks Reef.**One day soon I’m going to do a map of Number 10 Ribbon, so all these spots make more sense to those who are not familiar. At the very bottom, Capt. Kim on New Moon this time reports fish down at Euston Reef, releasing three of the small guys to 200lb yesterday as well.We are light tackle fishing again today in the vicinity of Lizard Island. Tomorrow, we head into Cooktown – our first time into port in 3 weeks(!) – for a well deserved two day break. So, unless any other boats make a special effort to send me their reports, I will be taking a blogging holiday until Monday as well.

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