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Sunday Teases


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Well Sunday certainly shaped up to be a better day (although the weather man is still lying – those flat calm seas have yet to eventuate!) but alas, no conversions. We marked fish all over the place and got the big bite but couldn’t keep the hooks in. Fishing next to us on the Bank, Iona II reported a similar day – they got the bite out of a big fish, but pulled the hooks very soon after. At Escape Reef, Capt. Luke and team on KEKOA got our photos for today (mobile phone shots so a bit grainy). Scotty’s 45lb spanish mackerel and the bite on TowCam of the smaller fish they released. Julie, who is with Capt. Laurie and clients this week on board Ningaloo and mothership The Boss sent me their report of a bit more action Sunday with 4 bites. Unfortunately they only managed to keep the hooks in the last bite of the day – a firey 350lb black. One of the earlier bites was from a little fish, estimated at 120lb, so angler Dan dropped back a bait on the spinning rod and made the perfect switch. The little guy went ballistic about 15 metres from the transom but eventually released the bait and hook and swam off.At Number 10, Capt. Dean on Castille reported some awesome popper fishing – releasing 15GT’s over the 20kg mark. Marlin fishing sounds the same up that way, marking lots of fish but just the one bite and pulling the hook.

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