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Becky’s First Billfish


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After a days wait in trying conditions, we finally got Becky hooked up to her very first black marlin yesterday – a stubborn 200lb-er. Twice he went deep and twice she dug in and pulled him back up and by the end of the fight settled into a good rhythm in the chair. Darren deployed the TowCam pole camera and again we got some good footage around the back of the boat as well as the release. Shaka caught another little one nearby and Mistress had some more luck on the Ridge with a 400lb-er released and raising an 800lb-er up later that unfortunately missed the bait before fading away. On the Ribbons, Capt. Laurie also steered angler Henrick to his first marlin on board Ningaloo. Becky in the chair and James on hand to tag her very first black marlin Wednesday on Reel Chase.

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