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Glamour Black Weather Today


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The team on KEKOA travelled home to the Gold Coast on Monday evening, finally home after a very long season away. Capt. Luke saw a couple of little blacks swimming on the surface at Point Lookout on the way through so decided to throw a couple of baits at them and went two from two. After hitting the coast at 6pm and listening to the action reports for the Gold Coast area (including a tinny who went 8 or 9 Monday!) I was able to talk Capt. Luke and Dingo in to getting up early one more time and by 6 am, we were back on the water. We trolled up, we trolled back, with two from two bites and raising another two, and back in the marina by 10 for the much dreaded Christmas shopping.Also enjoying a fabulous weather day on the Gold Coast was the Gold Coast (or just about the whole of the Gold Coast – boats big and small everywhere – it was wonderful!) and boats also home from the season now including Reel Chase, Mistress and Castille. Some photos from Dingo and myself of the fish we switched and we switched roles behind the camera/rod. Plenty of fish still around. Apparently the afternoon bite Tuesday was red hot. Hopefully, many more opportunities to enjoy the action over the rest of the holiday break. For our Southern readers, get ready, the little blacks are on their way! Back up on the Sunshine Coast, DG once again braved the 25kt winds on the weekend for the first day light tackle fishing on the Cabolito Sunday going four from four on little blacks. And home in time for lunch. Fishing just 8 mile off Mooloolaba, Dave was able to find marlins for the four guys on board that had never caught a marlin before – now they have!

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