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Video Highlights from 2008 in Cairns


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I was finally granted the opportunity to go through ours (Reel Chase) and KEKOA’s video footage today and came up with some goodies. While the serious editing will need to wait until after the Port Stephen’s season, we’ve edited a few clips for you here. Firstly, short clips from both the boats of the TowCam underwater camera – a compilation of some of the marlin bites. I’ve watched it several times and it makes me want to get back out there! Lastly, a compilation of some of those nasty critters (wahoo/barracuda) that tried (fortunately unsuccessfully) to bite the camera off at every opportunity!Some underwater marlin bites on board Reel Chase in 2008. Some underwater marlin bites on board KEKOA in 2008. Some underwater critter bites on board Reel Chase in 2008. I’m working on updating the photo galleries too. They shouldn’t be too far away.

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