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Interclub Day 2 Standings


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Current standings of the NSW Interclub at the end of day 2 are:Capture Teams = 1. Lake Macquarie T2, 2. Newcastle/Port Stephens T1, Composite T1.Capture Boats = 1.Offshore, 2. Boss Hog, 3. Tycon.Tag & Release Teams = 1. Newcastle/Port Stephens T2, 2. Lake Macquarie T3, 3. Broken Bay T3.T&R Boats = 1. Born Free, 2. Time Out, 3. Apple Pie.— Ladies days was a bit of a bust for Talina and I. We did not see a fish all day – but we were in good company. We did get the underwater camera out however and entertained ourselves going over the bait balls. We have some good shots of the dolphins checking out the camera too so hopefully we’ll be able to go through that footage and post it later. The winning team was the girls on board Freedom who won with one marlin and several dolphin fish releases with Scotty’s daughter Alex taking out champion angler. Congratulations!

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