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NSW Interclub Day 3


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The fishing improved day 3 on the edge and a few little blacks have shown up inside as well as some decent blues. Ted’s Toy weighed a 273kg blue. The day started off pretty well for both Weapon and T-Star in the morning session, which only got better for T-Star who added another in the afternoon. The Beshoff family on Offshore continued their Port Stephens tradition with another good day and seemingly pulling further into the lead. Inside, KEKOA fishing off Broughton Island caught a sailfish (not for the angler with it on her bucket list), and a decent sized black, keeping their away team lead status. On board Reel Chase we had chaser early in the day that didn’t hook-up and for a change, the live slimeys were everywhere. After lunch we managed to add to our points with a successful switch and followed it up just before cease fishing with another aggressive fish on the milkfish teasers, which although he stole the teaser, was hungry enough to take the live bait – resulting in a second successful tag and release for first time marlin angler Bob.—-UPDATE: Current standings of the NSW Interclub at the end of day 3 are:Capture Teams = 1. Lake Macquarie T2, 2. Sydney T1, Newcastle/Port Stephens T1.Capture Boats = 1.Offshore, 2. Outcast, 3. Ambition.Tag & Release Teams = 1. Newcastle/Port Stephens T2, 2. Newcast/Port Stephens T6 on countback from 3. Lake Macquarie T1.T&R Boats = 1. Born Free, 2. Weapon 3. Time Out.

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