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Sunshine & Gold Coast Blacks


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Capt. Smithy reports the bite has gone wide open on the Sunshine Coast. 5 metre trailer boat Askari tagged 16 from 25 trolling yesterday, on Triton Smithy got 6 from 10. Watch Ya Problem tagged 11, Keneka 7 and Tanjian with 2 for Heath on board solo. Sounds like an awesome day on the water.On the Gold Coast, the bite also continues but you have to pick your days. While numbers like they have experienced on the Sunshine Coast were common last week, a lot of boats fished Sunday at Spot X for very little result. Perhaps because the current had once again picked up and was running strong. On Monday, the current stopped again and the fish were back on the bite. We’ve heard reports of boats getting up to 14 bites for the day and with up to 12 releases. Then again Tuesday, the current started to run hard once more and the bite shut down.If you had some spare time on either of the coasts, why wouldn’t you get out and try your luck? The Surfers Paradise G&SFC are holding their All Tackle, All Species tournament this weekend – hopefully the fish hang around for the comp.

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