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Shootout Weekend


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More boats on the shelf courtesy of the Shootout Tournament meant that our later start – at gentlemen’s hours – saw us arriving in time to see Di Da Ke on a double hookup of stripey’s having found a bait meat ball loaded with fish instead of the usual dolphins. Di Da Ke added another stripey later in the morning to lead the Tag & Release in the tournament thus far. Closely followed by Time Out who tagged an astounding three blues which is not surprising when you look at the recent satellite imagery which shows dramatic temperature break fronts of 3 degrees centigrade off the shelf wide of Seal Rocks. Another boat leading the Shootout is Weapon who boated a 210kg blue marlin on 50lb for Junior Angler Miles which is an astounding effort for a young fisherman of the future.Meanwhile back on Reel Chase a frustrating day of seeing stripeys but not hooking up changed late in the day when we managed to hook the world’s dumbest stripey for Peter who gave us some magical photo ops at the back of the boat and some more good underwater TowCam footage. Also not fishing the tournament, Mauna Kea got a double header of stripes in the morning including a first marlin for their lady angler.

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