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Quick catch up


This post was imported into WordPress from my old Black Marlin Fishing Blog website without any accompanying photos. If you’d like to see the original post, with the accompanying photographs, go to the original Black Marlin Fishing Blog site and navigate to the post using the archive navigation links on the right-hand-side.

Caption Left: Scotty sent me this photo of Freedom in action on Day 3 of the Interclub (taken I believe by Capt. Tim fishing nearby) of this approx 250lb black marlin they fought on 30lb at the Gibber for several hours. Despite having it close to the tag shot on several occasions early in the fight, 6 and a half miles out to sea later they again raised the fish only to break it off on the leader. What a shot!Caption Right: In trying conditions yesterday Reel Chase again fished the shelf yesterday hooking two stripes and successfully tagging this one for angler Scott. In the morning, there was more bait around again but by lunch time a patch of hot, dirty water had moved in from inshore and it all shut down.

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