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Broome’s Going Off


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I’ve been talking with Jeff in Broome quite a bit of late in the leadup to their tournament – Broome Billfish Classic on Aug 12-21. And he’s been telling me some stories of insane sailfish action. Jeff says that he’s never seen anything like it. In Jeff’s words “You can be towing the teasers and have a pod of fish pop up and ball up bait right next to the boat, then as you move past that pod waiting for them to come on to the teasers, another completely different pod shows up on the other side of the boat. Awesome. When the bite came on last Sunday we were in constant action for about 5 hours. Most of the time we did not know where to look. At the teasers, on the bow, at the spinning vortex of budgies and ducks, at the tinny’s with multiple hookups and impending clusters, at the free jumpers, or fish feeding next to the boat”. On Sunday about 18 boats fished, including nine under 4.5m, and everyone got a piece of the action although the conversion rate was not the best. But redeeming themselves, a lot of the boats were in the double digits for Monday with Billistic leading the tally. Jeff says that today and tomorrow should be the best days as the tide starts to move off the dead neap and bait becomes separated from the big balls. Quite a pity for those with a weekday gig or on the other side of the country….!Thanks for the report and picture Jeff!

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