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Yeppon to Bugatti


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Although Reel Chase does trips ex-Yeppoon ever year on the journey north, this has been the first time I’ve joined the team here – and its been a nice change of pace. As usual the weather bureau lied and there was a lot of 15+ in their 10-15 forecast, but we hacked our way out to a wreck in the shipping lane east of Yeppoon where we managed a bunch of nice red emperors, sweetlip, snapper and a couple of cod, including one monster that we released after this snap. Local angler Ian, peaked too early with his 10kg emperor – 12 hours before the local fishing competition (that he is entered in) was due to start ;-) The weather did ease throughout the day and this morning has dawned perfect with heaps of boats heading out for the tourn and just in time for our journey out towards Bugatti tomorrow. I’m doubting that we will have internet out that far, so I’ll have to report at the end of the trip.

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