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Bowling Green


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Report from Reel Chase who trolled through Bowling Green on thier way into Townsville yesterday afternoon. Less than 10 minutes after the baits were in they hooked up and released their first little black of the season. James did a good job on the rod and tag pole to tag his own fish. Although they didn’t spend too much time on the grounds Capt. Jim found a bait school and marked a marlin straight away. They also lost two live bait jigs to suspected marlin bites and had another bite from a sailfish on a smaller bait school nearby. Capt. Jim reports that the water is already a degree warmer than when we went through with Capt. Luke on KEKOA last week. This is important because it indicates the change in the season that we have been waiting for so we can only expect more fish to move in now. And, there’s a week of good weather coming up so it can only warm up more!This morning the boys are all over at the O’Brien’s checking out the new boat’s progress. Hopefully some picture updates from Pete soon.Capt. Luke has also passed on reports of boats taking advantage of the good weather on the Gold Coast to enjoy some good fishing as well. Boats are catching a few striped and blue marlin on the canyons as well as yellowfin to 40kg. Dingo also reporting some good fishing in Kona again going four from seven blues yesterday. Not too long now until he leaves the islands to join Capt Luke in Townsville after the tournament to head up to Cairns. pswyfnbtj3

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