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Top and Bottom Report


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Picture: Left, Kenton on the leader at the back of Castille. Right, Steve’s bull whaler on Reel Chase Persistence paid off for the team on Castille III. After a week at the top end, on the last day they released a 900lb-er for owner Mark after a short but exciting 15 minute fight. The team returned to Cooktown overnight for changeover with cheesy grins! Big congrats guys!Also at the top, Tradition is still chasing the 50lb record for Lydie who celebrated her engagement to Pete Wednesday with two tags, not of record size. Congratulations to Lydie and Pete!A much quieter day at the bottom end. At Linden Bank, on Reel Chase we met only two other boats, Iceman and Dealne. We saw Dealne fighting a 600l-er for over an hour but they were still fighting when we returned to port for the day. A highlight for us was, after an absolutely amazing effort enduring standup 50 for 45 minutes, angler Steve bringing to the boat this tuna stealer – a 9 foot bull whaler shark weighing approximately 600lb. We got some more great TowCam pole-cam footage beside the boat.

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