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Shell Cove Lizard Is. Tourn Day 5


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Well its all happening at the top of the leaderboard, and mostly all happening at the top of the reef as well with over half the day’s fish were released on the top end.Spartacus and Joe Joe continued their tussell adding another fish a peice on Day 5. This time Spartacus got in first, tagging and releasing an 800lb-er for Ralph Czabayski and have taken the lead with 8 tags overall. Joe Joe followed soon after with a smaller fish also bringing them to 8. Viking also added another fish to their tally on Day 5, and with their fish tagged after cease fishing on Day 4 also now counted, they are in third place with 7 tags from Castille III. On six tags on countback Hattitude is ahead of Hart Throb, Mauna Kea and Top Shot.Notably, the sunshine coast team on board Kaizen took out Day 5 honours with three fish including a 550lb-er for David Trask. Kanahoee also released 3 fish on Day 5 in the 150-200lb range. Both Kaizen and Kanahoee are in contention on 5 tags on countback behind Calypso .Notable fish on Day 5 include a whopping 1050lb-er for Kalira for Geoff Lindrea, a 900lb-er for Mauna Kea and a 700lb-er for Think Big to put them on the scoreboard for the first time. 25 of 27 boats are now on the scoreboard. Outside the tournament: Not great photo quality but you get the idea, some shots from Adam on Iona 2 who has just wrapped up three days fishing on Linden Bank with three more on Wednesday at 1200(!), 300 and 150lbs and broke the double on another estimated at 400lbs. No need to ask where Adam was fishing – the Bus Stop of course.

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